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Sunday, September 29, 2002

Things aren't exactly what they seem.
Neither are the sentences. Click onto the
red-coloured words to see what I mean.
The incandenza kid has "fled" Vansterdamn. Safe journies Les.
This one is for you mango!
This one is for you "hunnies",yum!
Here's one for laughs.
As winter creeps slowly in~
summers cumback is a warm wellcum.
Here's to keeping warm.

Wednesday, September 25, 2002

My last "serious" (laughing out loud) relationship
completed one moon cycle.
Before that, there was the three month, Friday night love affair.
The slow demise of the other monkies interest in me,
is largely due to my "imaginary" girlfriends.
Some may say, I have a taste for the "unattainable";
That I am a prisoner of the hunt.
Shall we go so far, and call them fatal attractions?
I find it tragically funny the way
a moth will persist on flying into the fire,
because of it's dedicated distance between it and the "sun".
One fact remains, I am not an easy person to be in love with.
My heart goes out to the sucka' who ends up doing it.
For starters, I average two nights up,
and on the third night sleep & dream.
I am obsessed with muzik, and have yet,
to let any women or man
come between me and my guitar!
Really, my list of incompatibility traits is rather impressive.
Not only am I a chronic pothead, but I also smoke tobacco.
Many have found me bold in the game called love, while others may have
experienced more of a hide 'n seek game.
My taste for oddities and the strange
has been a bit much for some people to sink their teeth into.
Whereas, I have come to accept that the unbeaten path
usually leads me to the sights of my curiousities~
When I'm not playing music, or practising my martial art,
you can find me on commercial drive, with the kid,
checkin' out the babes...
chillin' with mike hunt, or listening to M.O's latest mix.
Anymonkey who wants to do the run with me will also be
putting up with the fact that I'm a social hermit.
Getting me out to go to a movie is about as easy as
getting a kiss from the American government
before they fuck you up the ass!
On the other hand, getting me to record a song with you
is as easy as
"americans" fucking little brown peoples countries up the ass.
Love is as easy, or as hard as we make it out to be.
War sucks...
still, somewhere out there~
there's a "monkey" for me.
Together we will grow old.
as thriving, gorgeous mutants~
who possibly flee to the underground or mountains.
Living outside the great cities walls with kindred spirit.
Pioneers of free power and "free" people.
Feasting on love...food,MUZIK and eachother.

Friday, September 20, 2002

This morning started off with a java, fatty, poo.
I've heard it said before, that life is like shitting.
Well, I love shitting,
and I love life!
Lately, I have had a difficult time focussing.
I have two things, make that three things on my mind.
Actually, make that four things!
The more you are consumed by a thought,
the more it appears,
and so on, and so on...
until that's all you can see everywhere!

Wednesday, September 18, 2002

How come every time I login, I'm a user?
It's true! I'm a junkie.
I use & abuse. Please, come use me...
My sincere, advance apologies out to the user
who is hearing impaired, as well,
to those "uzers" who operate a "retard" of a computer.
~If you like eye-candy, kid inc.
is the place to check out.
The majority of kid's LINKS are visually orientated. Enjoy!

Monday, September 16, 2002

Let it be known, I'm a shallow sexpot
who's pushin' babe surfin'.~
We'll begin our babe journey with the familiar faces
and proceed to beat the unbeaten paths...for starters,
I have a thing for bone structure. Observe one of the finest skulls in hollywood~
We call this breeding material!
Can you say blonde? Can you say fun?
This man has more style in his ass than I do in my entire body.
Here's looking at you kid.
What is it about this one? It must be the leather jacket.
Northern Exposure's Ed.
I've got to agree with Wayne & Garth,
when it comes to aged wine-
some brands make ya' Shwing!
There are babes, and than there are BABES!
Exhibitionists don't usually do it for me, but,
there are always exceptions to the rules.
Here's one.
Let's not forget the king of babes.
Am I the only one, besides Luna, who see's a resemblance
between the king, and another certain local star?
While in the neighborhood, check out a man
who knows how to use his lips-
Vancouver's beat-boxing babe.
Then there are the strange attractions,
the ones that you may never understand...
This would be a good example of that: Superstar!
Another example.
What can I say?
It doesn't get much better than this.
Said to be the most beautiful woman in the world.
However, taking the trophy, our french, chanel no.5,
can you say goddess?
was almost sixty years old when this photo was taken.

What BABE wood u like 2 B included?
Give 'em to me by clik'n on2 sweetsongs...

Saturday, September 14, 2002

Stay tuned for audio files cumming in October.
Songs will include:

Friday, September 13, 2002

In the eye of my I. The best things in life and death are:
The people, the ones you eat, and the ones you don't.
Some human people eat pig people
others, well, we like our love juice to taste more like THIS.
The sounds of all great mysteries~
As we listen our way home to the oum.
The finest in the line of life that make milli go hmm...
FOOD that looks like YANNI
Rock 'n Roll
being reality effective
They say that laughter is the best medicine.
I don't laugh enough.
I know a comedian that's made me cry before.
click here to laugh & cry
Women are my main musical muses. Here's a picture of me checkin' out
one of the most beautiful girls in the world!

Sweet dreams

Thursday, September 12, 2002

Drummin' up the local vibes along with my cohort, kid inc.
Can anymonkey guess who my first featured guest will be?
Kinnie Starr

To anyone who knows me this comes as no suprise.
To anyone who doesn't know me, or hasn't heard Kinnie's music-
you're in for a treat- Starr is the CHUNK-hoppin' lady elvis!
A decent review which captures the jist of her 'Tune-Up' album gives you an idea of what's in store.
check review
Looking forward to the release of her new album, Sun Again.
For movie goers check out Down and Out with the Dolls featuring Kinnie as reggie.
Check inside the Dollhouse
Any time Much Music plays a video, those artists are paid.
Support your fellow artist by visiting Starr's website
and request her video, 'nearer'
see Nearer video here
Check out the tunes while you're there.
To experience a small taste of the intimate and interactive, check out:
live net interview with Kinnie Starr
For those cats who care to venture
close to the heart of sista' starr visit:
baby of a whiteman
End the trip with a talk-rap
about funky brothers by clicking onto:
"Kinnie:exclusive performance"

MUZIK IS THE BESTand without YOUR continued support,
starrs like Kinnie Starr could still be working at the
Cafe deux Soleil, and not on the stage
ripping it completely out of it's skin.
So check it out ya' all!
sincerely, starrsucka'

Monday, September 09, 2002

~a slave to the page. your own biggest fan.
from the basement to the stage- the muzik in demand.

' My First Demo' / indie-c.d currently lives in
post-production mode.

Butterflies turn my stomach knowing soon
that some of you will be taking
yet a closer peak at me vicariously through the tunes.

~meanwhile on the backwater website travels
i've stumbled onto the pages
of one of my favorite writers, Robert Anton Wilson, a.k.a R.A.W
for the strangely adventurous at heart, check out R.A. Wilson

...as for the truly adventurous, live like it's the first and last!

Tuesday, September 03, 2002