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Tuesday, October 22, 2002

4:20, light 'em up.

Monday, October 21, 2002

That bitch is going to kick my skinny ass 'cuz we both know I deserve it. Her reality blade rips open old wounds.There 'aint no jivin' the queen honeybees hive.
No thief can steal her heart with words. Her sword sheilds protection from my poison. I bit her, but my venom parallysed her only temporarily. I tripped on her curtails--
But that bumbobee's honey is the royal jelly; the kind of honey you'd steal from an average bear. Caught in a venus flytrap, words swallow me up. She's a tasty cup.
I better stand up and see what's exactly there. Words cast away like spells, and love that will always tell a wanderer their way home. Latenights, they are alone~
they're guessin' what the others expressin'--such interestin' clones. That fucking bitch leaves me tied-up while she undresses and second-guesses my motives~
Her truth addresses my questions, as if she could know them. With no points to score the sport becomes a bore. I am a wordless and rhymeless whore, who keeps coming back for more. I am a fly trapped in her web. Little did I know she could see inside my head. Here I am in her web left for dead. I am hungry for her bite.
Starving day and night. When she gets through with me, my insides will be sucked dry. A tasty little morsel whose fate is to hang here and die. A kamikaze flight
right into the center of attention. Calling for introspection. I escape inside of her mouth, and her belly becomes my new house. Wiggling & tingling, all warm inside of her.

Saturday, October 19, 2002

Daze are stranger than eye have ever seen.
War wranglers invading your dreams!
Outside of your insides~
escaped prisoners running for freedom....
Locked in their caged minds-
the boys in blue catch 'em and read 'em
their rights, which were violated.
they tried to fight but were annihilated.
Every village, town and city
unrest stirred amongst the people.
Suspician grew towards
the "preechers" on their "steeples".
Thoughts raced against time.
Thoughts thought to be crimes.
Thoughts you forgot that you find.
Thoughts that rhyme.
City dwellers who stray from the beaten path~
discover free-power, and build a foundation that lasts.
Moving matter with sound.
Energy bound--all beings together
will oum oums that go on forever
At the strike of midnight the stars shall fall-
down will come illumination,
and all of the walls.
Free Power

Wednesday, October 16, 2002

Attention cats! This next link is a MUST see, & a MUST hear.
SajjadAli will blow you away. I was seriously moved.
Get through the slow intro to a truly revolutionary piece~
check out ajja now
Happy Halloween!
Take a peek at one of my biggest fears!
(If you can)

"If you love somebody set them free"
and for the truly playful,
If you love somebody, Set her free ...
If she comes back, and if you love her still, set her free again...
I move through the moments with loves deliberation.
She will share her body, mind and soul with her chosen one.
She is just out of reach.
I stretch like a cat, and hide like the mouse.
I have strayed from the pack.
Alone in this old house.
And she is warm in the arms of her lover,
as I find a way out of the maze.
Soul sister with her soul brother,
and I in a fantasy's cage.
I set myself free...

Not that they need it, but the United States wants
your support and approval to continue their war on terrorism.
The military has the hardest war-on,
and keep wishing the backlash
of feelings and opinions would cease.
As soon as you all take more drugs,
watch a bit more boobie, and shut the fuck up
than the rest of us here can, knowingly or
unbeknownst to them, begin our new world order.
I am most fascinated by George W. Bush, former president,
ex-director of the C.I.A, and oil mongre.
I'm going to go out on a limb
and guess that Georges favorite numbers are 33.3
Political circles are as incestuous as musicians.
This person is connected to that person, some singer
did the bassist, who did the pianist, who did the groupie
that did that drummer who slept with the whole band.
It's no secret that Sadam Hussein was on the C.I.A payroll,
along with Bin laden. We all use eachother to further our own
on the table and secret agenda's.
The monkies in power have invested interests
in oil & central intelligence.
To what extent will the U.S.A go to protect their agendas?
Please God, less America!
Energy is power.
As much as I'd love to believe that alternative energies
could make a dint on fossil fuels, as it stands,
oil and war make the world go around,
not "god", money or music.
Leaving a trail of oil blood
smeared across countries and borders,
I ask myself, " What will it take to stop the beast?"
Revolution, rebellion, an act of "God",
the marriage of science and wisdom?
Too many questions and not enough answers.
Question of the century,
Was there foreknowledge, at worse sinister participation,
on the C.I.A's behalf in regards to the attacks made on
September 11, 2002?
While on the FAA radar four planes are hijacked
between 7:45 and 8:10. At 8:45 American Airlines filght 11
crashes into the World trade centre. At 9:03 United Flight 175
crashes into what remains. Where are the airforce interceptors?
Why isn't the cheif commander notifed until 9:05?
These tragic events are unprecendent.
Amongst all of it's complexities,
the gruesome events that took place
that ourstorical day legitimizes the U.S's
"pre-existing foreign policy agenda,
to establish and consolidate repressive measures domestically
and silence dissent."
As much worldwide resistance there is towards
the neoliberal agenda, their reality effective is undeniable.
" The enormity of this subversion is nearly incomprehensible-
as is the failure of American people to protest
the criminal abrogation of the United States constitution. "
-Colonel Archibold Roberts.
What of Pearl Harbor?
Roosevelts most pressing problem was how to overcome
the American opposition to involvement in the war.
Admiral Kimmel's fleet was not protecting the harbor,
which one may safely assume,
that during times of war this would be a
standard pre-caution, outside of the fact that,
that was their duty.
The moment after the pearl bombing...
Americans found themselves standing in line to
nuke the japanese.

Thursday, October 03, 2002

Life continues to unfold into puzzles of chaos.
When it rains, it storms.
Millions and trillions of falling beats... the mice scurry,
and my thoughts hurry as not to lose them. What's next?
Please let it be sex, or a decent nights rest.
This smile on my face is riddled with confusion.
It slants to the one side.This smile disguises the fact that inside
I am like a barren bone decorated with a hide.
War rings out to the world. My problems are small,
like they matter at all. I wear this smile
in the spirit of celebration and all our relations...
I swallow up the ugly frown/ drop it off at the edge of town/
scope it out and look 'em up & down/
kick it's ass right out of the sound!
Enough of that gabble-babble tic-toc.
I'll talk to ya' all like regular monkies.
The cold teeth of winter bites harder into the poor.
Be thankful for power, gas and electricity.
Be thankful to be warm. Especially if it's in the arms of another. Be thankful that you get to fork over
more of your money to the man. Be thankful you haven't
gone out and killed somebody,
and that you amounted to more than that piece of shit
somebody once tried convincing you, you were.
Be thankful you'd rather be a bum before you'd be a whore.
Be thankful you're a hooker without herpes,
and not a rapist with rabies. Be thankful that you're a rapist
who broke your own heart, and can never rape again.
I don't know where this is going.
According to traditional rock stories, you've got to be
"down and out" before you "make it" big.
That makes good news out of all this bullshit then.
Technically, I should be selling my soul
to rock 'n roll anyday now.
Meanwhile, "an eastend collective" has been
conjouring up a music benefit show,
which will be the beginning seeds to what will later be manifested into a musical/arts resource centre.
Here's to the spirit!
Musically, life is exciting right now. Financially, my lifes a joke
with no punchline, yet! Mentally, I am a woven basket.
Physically, I reak of tobacco.
Spiritually, I am a fallen muzikal angel
who oums once a blue moon.
Sexually, I'm all wound up- with nowhere to let my cum go.
But hey, if you ask me how I'm doing, well, I'm fine!
How about you?
I sent out about a million e-mails
to a certain blonde babe lastnight,
and am going to end this post by quoting myself,
"Humour belongs in everything, especially sex,
that's why "god" made pussyfarts."