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Wednesday, December 18, 2002

Aah~livin' the wakin' dream...
I see it everywhere.
Now's the time to share and bare
our heart of hearts upon our sleeves...
as we celebrate and grieve these strange days
we've conjoured into being.
As our strangest dreams come true...
Us cats seeing the moments through--
East end echoes:
Tales of Sarah Shankhini & Nelly Furtado
fusing musical waves are in the air.
In true C.R fashion, the video shoot for 'Wonder'
was shot on the drive and now lives somewhere
in Micheal Louw's retarded multimedia hard-drive.
In cohoots with the One Way Ticket production team,
many of us commercial drivers are manifesting
ROCK videos it seems.
Internet kills the video star.
(Laughing out loud)
Hmm, let's all oum at 4:30,
ten minutes after our 4:20's...
C'mon cats, it's time to GET REAL mutha's.
God forbid that war knocks on every humble door~
well kiddies, can you hear it tapping?
It 'aint no nicky-nicky nine door.
Now's the time to enjoy.
Wake up and don't buy starfuckers coffee anymore.
Time your morning number two before your shower.
Say no to tree-ass wiping.
Water is way more effecient in it's cleaning power.
Dreams of water with~
Sweet Bhima has returned to the East coast motherland.
As many of us join our families for the season holidays,
I toss and turn, undecided as to how to celebrate the solstice.
My actions have created a space between I and my family.
Granny didn't say, "I love you" the last time I rang a call.
Haven't said thanks to my sista' for the package at all.
It's you who has to catch your own fall.
Tinman and I are building a wall between us.
Mama chan quiet, mama chan bell...
You make your own heaven and you make your own hell.
Just as well,
Papa son offers a ride back home.
Will I ride or stay home alone?
No fish with star this X-mass.
One year has sinced passed...
my, how stories fly fast-
SO good to hear kid inc iz getttin' sum luvin' at long last!
Destiny leads to a funky monkeys ass.
Check out Les's love story.
Speaking of which, (funkyass love stories that is)
sista' shimi is Aunty Claire again.
Blessings out to mamashara and papaseth,
and their new-born baby girl.
Than there are all of our musical "children".
Seems like everyone and their dogs baby has a c.d these days.
Go check out Kinnie Starr's new website.
I haven't figured out how to frig'n listen to her latest
audio samples from 'Sun Again'.
So, if ya' figure it out please let me know.
Currently recording Taunya Gaum;
Fellow singer/songwriter ghurl on guitar.
We all will be able to scoop it up in the new year coming up.
Musical forefronts as circles gather.
Here's to interweaving our dreams together.
Here's to me gettin' off (pun intended) the computer,
and onto the phone to ring up some folks.
Meanwhile in between tolks
I'm wishin' for sum kissin'~
and sending out blessings to you netsurfers
who rode the wave here~
peace, love and chaos to ya's!
signing out monkies...

post script: called granny back up, this time she said,
"I love you."
I love you too grandma.