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Sunday, April 13, 2003

Sick of starvin'? Does the war on the poor
tie your titties in a knot? Peons fueling
the warbeast. Still, the "poor" self-indulge...
intoxications~ CELEBRATIONS ~
It used to be that muzikians hired promoters.
Everythang is all sdrawkcab now.
You cats got2 keep the fellowship,
pool skills & money and hire yourselves.
Pass the same "one hundred dollar bill"
around the circle. The heat is on.
Lifes frying pan is hot. Time to cook.
Music will & does change/move & make the world
Consider yourself no less than a sound sorcerer
Premeditation and intuition
sign wave frequencies resonating love
the ball is caught in your glove
you are more than
reality effective
you are the living dream
let us be the shine within
illuminating without
keep faith and let's rock our fuk'n socks off!
Time to organise and realise our alliances...
The time is now to stand AZ ONE.
It is ESPECIALLY time to SHARE, fuse,
& collaborate.
OUM at 4:20, howl at the moon,
we hear and feel your voice...
~pure energy~
Sonic energy can help heal ourselves,
thereby our world...it is up to YOU
to feed sketches of the revolution everyday
It is time to feed our revolution.

Bolder with age,
it's been three years she's turned twenty-five.
She's got lovelies surrounding her
offering honey from the sweetest of hives.
You think this honeybee
would just go on, taste and see...
what real love has in store for you and me.
They often ask her, " Is this you? "
The similarity is undeniable,
" sounds like you..."
Her own mother thought she was her too.
Unbeknownst to the twins,
both monkeys musically mould
shave slave into a sound sculpture.
The late-bloomer & monkey-groomer
" don't want to be a bird dog "
or a love vulture--
limbs breaking my fall down the tree~
Landing in a place for you and me
to catch a breath and have a rest.
This is the place where I lay my head on your hand.
This is the space where stars burn, burst and fall.
This is the face that knows love can
come live inside the faces of all.
Our living dream awakens to the day
calling out her name.
The world wouldn't have it any other way.
I love you.
With a love that exceeds time and space~
as it was written on my grandmothers face.
Love lives here always.
Spinnining like a dust-devil
Painfully perfected to fit you & I
There is no need to keep asking why.
As time goes by...

Friday, April 11, 2003

She's in a spot. The frying pans hot.
They think she's something she's not.
Look what you've got kid!
Ostrich logic won't get you far.
Shining bright a falling star...
Selling c.d's at neighborhood bars.
Breaking down in your friends new car.
There's no easy road home,
especially when you're homeless.
Counting out nickels,
but hey, you're not penniless.
So you got a date,
but no dinner, box, or bed.
You're all strung out,
strumming her poetry instead.
Where's your old friends?
It's looking like a trend.
Tears swelling up again--wishin' an angel would send--
a baby black crow with two mutant toes
hungry, cold and no place to go~
Little did you know
you were the angel that would show
love to the lonely
baby black crow.
A night so full of stress she breaks out into hives.
The ebb and flow of survive and thrive,
and then there's barely alive.
Shining shoes, slugging coffee, serving food, & pumping gas
Laughter, tears, joy & pain as our chapters come to pass...
This little bag, dad, walks the city.
Singin' nothin but lookin' pretty.
Seems a pity such a beautiful girl smell so shitty.
Now I'm hard and my fingernails are gritty.
My titties are tied in a knot.
I'm hot like that pussycat kittie.
Down & out with a voodoo doll
on commercial
in east vans inner city.
Sidewalk crack can take some monkeys
so far back they believe they're junkies
hidin' in rooms with only one place to go
up and then down,
so fast that all time moves slow...
where everything means nothing here
and there is nothing you need to own.
...just turn to stone... turn to stone...

" I fell in love with a circus " she said,
" That's why I left town, clowns breathed down my neck-
thought they marked the deck, 'til I called out gin-
and the JOKERS cashed in "