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Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Sing a song~ singin' along....
don't think tootwo MUCH about the flow,
or where & how our thoughts go.
How can one feel so sure,
but not really know?
I wish I knew mama-sia.
`that when i c ya'
I'm going to get a kiss--
the one I've yet to get
is the one i truly miss.
She can't believe that nobody's
" stepped up & stepped back,
loosened thier shoulder strap "
You deserve her kiddo, whoever she is.
Is that right?
I don't know.
I'm just a dumb kid.
Uh-huh. Whatever.
So, what?
Working the sweat out of every pour
givin' it all so you can get some more
of that, and less of this....
for a forevermore moment of bliss.
I want your kiss.
" You say it's your birthday "
( Well, it's my birthday too, yeah )
~Happy Birthday 2 U~

Kathara and friends rocked the Wise Hall lastnite.
Thanks cats for supporting the cause.
Boots & friends, Texas Xenja, Soulfire,
Camillia and The Curly Paws,
and guest MC's hit the El Cocal's stage
this Saturd'nite. Cum out!
Open jam afterwards...
while on the subject, in the key of funk,
Kinnie Starr is on Richards on Richards this June 6.
Let's go out, get down and funk all night.
As summer heats up the scene
so do the drivers on the drive.
Here's to a little more skin
and wholelotta more sun.

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Feely kundalini feely kundalini
What you say without a sound
I was lost but now I'm found-
You know I need you now~
Put a blanket over me,
and a blindfold so I can see.
It used to be the perfect riddle
but now we've unlocked our doors
You say,
What you got to give?
give up ego to live
Here and elsewhere
forever today...
so ya' wing it kid
and love takes flight
Help me, I've fallen in love
with life and the ideal of you.
Give me the strength
to see you through.
Let it be overwhelming
quit buying & stop selling
loves telling you something-
shut up and listen love...
~So, I guess it's true
we are all black and blue~

Monday, May 12, 2003

Last Saturday there was a soul shakedown.
Our listening society sends out to the El Cocal
All the muzikal kats that threw a wish in the well~
Texas Xenja, Lady Driver,
Camillia & The Curly Paws
C.R Avery & Monica Lee.
Our soundmanmonkeys: Micheal Hernandez & Ray.M
Specially ALL who came out ( you's & me's )
Ony, Patrick, Mark Berube the pianoman and Miss Brandi.
The night fuk'n rocked thanks to everyones mix.
Stirring up sum alchemy...
One big happy dysFUNKtional family.
The listening society thanks you
funky mutha monkeys who pitched
money into the pot.
You sent everyone home with smiles
and then sum.
Another show is in the making as we speak-
We look forward to making the fusion fly again friends!
How to feed a revolution.
Rising up through our art.
Making brand spanking new starts...
~peace out

Sunday, May 11, 2003

Loco love iz the swweetest ThanG
cood them bluest skies bring
and make the phone ring--
girls with breasts,
but none of them were my friends~
(even if they were)
wood love throw me back and catch my fall?
she's losing the taste...
making my black eyes crawl....
I stumble over and over
tumbling belly hungry
with a thin-coated wall
hmm, the sweetest thang
i nosedive up the isle
walked through city miles
just to see her smile
I hope you're hungry
cause I'm flush and a lot of a lush
no editing will make us flush/
missed my ride so I caught a bus
i'm coming for you.
sweet thangs are sooo swingin'
love songs keep singin'
gee-whiz, your pants are too tight
as the monkeys will might
find a way
into loves light
upon your unawakened sights seen
unbelieved into belief
dreamed a big whale dream
swam upon seashores of yours
swimming into the bliss
of this entangled tale
a whale of a tail
of true love with no kiss
squeezes a twist on a new lime
an ole turn
fires burn the yearning
into learning the ways of you
and letting emotions go
into the rivers that flow
into an ocean as endless love swims
above us the seams of stitches grins
sewing the seeds of love
into waking dreams...
cuz I got2 tell you
i am with bitter with love
and who wants a cup of that?
this glove fits too tight
and doesn't match my tophat
i'm stirring it up
raising arms for a fight
you can forget me now
but don't remember me when i'm there~
cuz I loved you all along
as it was written in them songs
your face seen everywhere...
be with me before it explodes
walk the path and lighten our load
want me before
you see me succeed
love me NOW
cuz there iz no other time
to need me,
as I need you...

Friday, May 09, 2003

Loving you comes easy.
It's letting go that's hard.
Why do we put it in a box?
Do you hold a key to unlock
this love in my pocket~
pickin' out the lint...
it's a four year stint.
Have I sculptured a dream that revolves
around your statue grin? Will she call out gin?
One sip of her sound and I'm drunk.
I can still stand, wavering~
--slowly savouring--
and loves a punk
that stunk so bad you heaved.
Love still believes we belong together.
Will you choose to lose or win--
out on this in,
call it a sin that will haunt us forever--
but I'd rather be bound by leather
than to see our love sever
over and over again...
echoes of an end
"best" friend
you move like me
you talk and walk like me
i am like you
i walk and talk like you
i m u
u r 4 i
all these synchronistic alibi's
hidden in our eyes
the truth remains~
I'm not with you~
love stays sealed
and all love is real
when you're next to me
it's x t c...
I am not afraid to play the fool
and I 'aint too cool to go back to loves school.
It's a hard place to go
Knowing the love that flows
Our faces can't help but show
everything that we feel is real
and your kisses I cannot steal
A painters paintbrush
your lips painting a picture
with a red blush
a lusty flush
I will not hush
is it too much to know that love
will hunt us down
until it has found it's fill.
I know you think this song is about you,
don't you?
--well, it is-
and it 'aint nobody's BIZiness
if i do--
except for maybe you.

At what cost?
priceless like love...