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Saturday, June 28, 2003

eye m in x t c~ livin' loves song...as u sleep-
dreams creep through, in & out of hearts
sharing trust in moments unfolding
where fantasy is reality
reality is this
i m u, u r i
with breath as oceans make seashores
rocks shape with winds curves--like her body
sinking stone, waters move waves effortlessly
falling into your being
heart-beating, mind, lips and skin
deep in your eyes
and all they have been
where the bottom feeders lie
and unseen life dwells
somewhere between heaven and hell
i have pressed these lips with
a sweetish angels kiss
like nothing you have ever seen
she awakens the living dream...
to nights that never end
and mornings that never begin
neverland becomes always
and all ways are all now
in a moment
where lovers makes love
and words like
circle around
and around....
to touch the skies & shake new grounds
we will make the mountains top
and burn a warm fire there
as two sharing one
at once we will be everywhere~

remember any dreams?

Tuesday, June 03, 2003

This post includes scenes with coarse language and nudity,
which may be offensive to some viewers.
Viewer discretion is advised.

Dear Diary,

We signed a lease for a rehearsal/recording/office space today.
Thanks to collective fellow friends/ kindred spirits.
Wow. We're doing it. Somebody pinch me. Hey, ouch.
The "Listening Society" lives. Our El Cocal show Saturday rocked.
Flatgrey, Mark Berube, Boots/ Kathara,
Soulfire, Camillia & the Curly Paws,
Texas Xenja, guests on stage and off.
We flew a little bit by the seat of our pants,
but managed to keep them on. Damnit anyway,
I need to be unbuttoned & unzipped. Speaking of witch,
the "x" offered me an orgasm for my birthday,
but you know how that is~ I'm not really in it for the O.
Don't get me wrong here kiddies--
orgasms are made perfect, but, big butt,
no can do with you, or you too.
My last courtship has taken it's course, and spring fever
has bled into summer. I have yet to quench my thirst.
Bum-lover has never given face before, and I'm way past
through with curious virgins. I want somebody who knows
what they want, when they want it, and how they like it--
so I can let 'em have it just that way.
There's a fox who likes to act like my girlfriend on the stage.
But when I close the bedroom door her show is over.
Listen to me. Am I dog enough for the pussy or what?
I must be in high fertility mode 'cuz man,
I'm feeling a little more like a swinger these days.

More than missing the family. Especially the little sis'.
Our loved ones in far off places. To see their faces.
Kid Inc has moved back to Vancouver in the name of love.
The many roads that love can take you down.
If it weren't for women I wouldn't have travelled
half the places I did. That bug has yet to bite me.
Mountain mama is waiting for me to climb her curves.
I'm going over to sexy'z tonight.
We're going to watch videos and ignore the throbbing
between our legs and resist seducing eachother. Joy.
Inspired by the kid already~ these posts are going to hit
closer to home. Less riddles and editing.
More dirt and straight forward words.
I'm all over the place right now and can barely type.
This week is supa BIG! My nerves are calling out for
some dancing and funk fu.
Holy fuck- we have a studio.
I gotta go get giddy.