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Monday, July 28, 2003

When I post onto the blogspot it's a breakneck death.
Words whiz by oozing out osmotic soul.
Freestyle...a city block pumps a city mile...
Where the road goes--I don't exactly know.
My best guess is HOUME~
Looked under a rock and met a wiggly worm.
I introduced him to my friend, the crow-
(the special one with the two mutant toes)
We had a snack and a talk about everyday revolutions.
We didn't come to any solutions or conclusions.
We parted early due to city construction intrusions.
I wish we didn't have to go so soon.
Hailing golfballs last Sunday afternoon!

Is that a crow accent you have?

Thursday, July 24, 2003


sassy ass hits to pass--moves so fast
makes a moment last lifetimes
thinking i'm so smart
clever enough to have your heart
starting to gently tear you apart
from the deep understanding
that inside i love you
that our bodies and soul need this
why resist the last kiss you'll miss?
finding your heart deceiting it's songs
seeing no way out of this
a tune that we couldn't miss
but we've had it bad for long
who knows what's next to come?
where will it go and where's it from?
giving in to discipline
don't fool yourself and break your heart again
like you never heard the chord
it struck like a sword
when it came from me and went right through you
and you moved me too
didn't know what to do
i walked around, and ran away
but no matter how far i went
the feeling always stayed
no more truths to betray
millions of raindrops
here for the fall
a beautiful life to love than not at all

Tuesday, July 15, 2003


Jot it down & you can pick 'em apart
stream thru your veins
and straight thru your heart
right from the start
and end it again
call love your enemy
and call love your friend...
the bloodhound caught the fox
had the keys to unlock it
steps in loves shit
and picks your holy pocket

slips out of freestyle into a mile a minute
lead foot floored on the fucking gas
too much into it...
hit to pass the next one charges forward fast
stillness in this and what comes first and last?
not what you wanted, painted pretty pictures
stories to suit our needs no bellyache mixtures
the social feed on the flow as we know
and go on nothing we've seen or have known
something has spun a dream into being
I can feel our change growing
and the blind in do seeing
new life planting seeds in new grounds
lay to rest your very best things down
around this moment now you see
whatever you want--a storm at sea
stewed, brewed and churned
recipes from all our stories~
ready as you will ever be
anything in all of everything
"What?" and again they ask ,
"what?" drinking questions
drunk from the flask
conclusions like doorways to seperate rooms
windowed points of view
swept up by brooms
come up what must
the vaccume; a dusts doom
Oops, there you go again--
speaking too soon.

Friday, July 04, 2003

Empty Phonecalls & Lost Numbers became friends.
Close and long distance. Out of sight and out of mind.
There were piles of crumpled papers
and dirty underwear everywhere,
but never the ones you needed to find.
The city's dirty air filtered through it's people
who wore down paths that led to money steeples...
Off track taking off tight-ripped pants
the elastic band snapped back,
and I loosened her bra-strap.
One of my best friends is a cat
who's been missing in action
one year this fall.
Knowing something is a sliver of the fraction
not knowing anything can be the hardest of all.
I don't know where you are...
Wishing upon a star.
Rising above and below the zeros.
Making love, songs, villains and heros.
I stumbled into a rumble,
and a dead woman in the park.
Silenced victims and roaring lions
made cats call and dogs bark.
" I don't care much for cliches " she stated,
" especially when I'm one of them."
Typical bulldykes with strap-ons & crewcuts.
Rednecks with little dicks and big trucks.
All the overused lines you think suck.
Like Oh baby, I love you.
Cell phones. E-mails. Web sites.
Three genie wishes in fourty days & forty nights.
Fight or flee in fright.
The want for the words to be just right.
Read it over, cross your T's and dot your I's.
The way you may have thought it to be
can come as a BIG suprise!
Suprise, love's no stranger.
We are closer than we have ever been.
I will call on you. You already know your answer.
You have been it in a dream.
Awakening to the new moment
unheard, touched and seen.
Sewing reality stitches into streams of being~
Up so late with destinys date, and out of touch with families.
Listening to societies, eating in & out, and now blogging.
The bikerbabe, help me, I think I'm a rock star fag
misses seeing those tight, fresh buns jogging.
Tick-talking ole lines
no sir, i won't spare you the time
now's the time you've been flogging.
I'm logging off and out of here.

You're so serious.
Always reading in between the lines.
The need to configure~
Relax, enjoy the ride.