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Thursday, October 30, 2003

The Listening Society/ Secret Family Recipe
El Cocal gig shook worlds thanks to
Skeena Reece (Happy New Years!),
Wifely Duties, Texas Xenja
Camillia and the Curly Paws.
Hey, that's me. Enough about me though-
You talk about me now...

Fuckin' poetry
my secret fantasy

At MLouws with sunken treasures
who wonders if I smoke everyday?
red sunkid goes down like waterfalls
for the highest of loves we pray...

You want a haiku?
I have a haiku for you
in the key of blue...

not quite a captured kodak moment, no.
far from profound
it likes to break all kinds of rules
especially the ones of sound
In this secret fantasy made reality
where we rise up through our art
native-indian prophecies
...it starts with you....
we will a place of gathering
magic and music make matter move
laying down soul in grooves
sign waves physically effective
a knowledge and art
whose keepers are protective
the funk-fu breaks like beats
stomps like feet
strikes like sticks
kicks like hot licks
like the force it is everywhere at once
like you peeking through
as you always do
seeing past words and fusing it
into your own spin
where winds of thoughts
neverend or begin

I spy with my little eye
something that is... obvious
once upon a time
hiding behind the face of nonchalance
giving in to absonous
no more, I'm veering off that road
and steering into the path of you
with heart in hand
and Lady Music at our side
giving respect where respect is due
flocking together with rock
a musical band
preserving it for the future stock
aging it perfectly on a shelf
there is noone else
I want to drink it with~
drunk on your skin
climbing every limb and note
magic begins with the rising twins
and cliche love quotes like
~home in lady muziks warm arms~
"safe from harm"
living out the song in all of us...
let's make music
let's make ourstory

Saturday, October 18, 2003

This is freaky-the words come out freestyle
but no RIME no on TIME
left to read between the lines...
as a friend reads real slow
in between the lines
goes to places where nobody goes
I don't know the next to fall
as wind finds loose chatter
walls call to destruction
though you would have the
RIME and TIME sequence into lines
of configuration~figuring you have a hold
of something whole... who cares if they know this is
FREEstyle, free to fuck anyone
within a half a mile
combined with less of any effects
I am free to pay more
and prone to payLESS
in debt with love
why does this face look familiar?
similar to the wrinkled torn
tossed on your face
and whenever worn
shocks the pigeons to spew
out you and the aftermath of vacant laughs
filling up the room with toxic gas
and the feeling I am writing this
as though to kiss a hush part of you
as quiet as the dead in your room
as promisung as pending doom
WAIT, you promised not to RIME
or weigh the lines to make out with TIME
still alive in the death of all
whenever all of us come to fall....
Anyone who has a clue
knows what I mean
when I say, "I love you"
and I DO. I do...
when your silence speaks in volumes
like the sound of your muziks wave
and "do I even really love you...
or do I really love your brain?"
I don't know
I love you just the same...........
free to do
one does