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Tuesday, November 25, 2003

the colour mystic
added to a truth
shockingly artistic
three pulses on the groove
cats say she can play three
instruments at once
and if that isn't enough
it's common knowledge
she's an exceptional fuck
so what's with the big attitude?
and the even bigger hair?
look out! holy ego
she's dressed to make you stare
over two sailors lifetimes
i've travelled more than mosts share
and i've seen many a fish
but none near as rare
little sisters
mrs. mister
where are we now?
in our hearts loves captured
pure rapture
has somehow tore itself into parts
picking up speed
to the velocity of a sneeze
it's not art
when you kiss your hunny
and your nose is red and runny
you fart you think it's funny
but it's not

Art's dead, death by
spontaneous combustion
no idea how good he had it
it didn't seem like much then
who asks no questions?
there are no answers
only endless possibilities
moments woven
unfolding tapestrys
a quick glimpse into something new
seeing myself reflected in you
closing the door of security
protecting the utmost of purity
love like vancouvers rain
'til we see the sun again
i am always with you
like the time that does not exist
life will persist
pictures in frames frozen
the gifts i have stolen
returning love back to love
we didn't know what had gone missing
like fire and ice kissing
it was the most unlikeliest
hand to fit the glove

who saw what owl?
and forgot to write it down
friends throw in the white towel
and in herds flee this rainy town
i've been around this block
a thousand times
i've read your unwritten book
in between the lines
still we are so quiet
like the mouth of one just dead
and all of the miles in between us
are starving but being forcefed
riots of thoughts fighting a war
what will happen--
the choice is yours...
ours is the better bedmate
theirs is yet to come
the chessgame ends in a stalemate
when finally,
there's nowhere left to run

eastside alchemy
along with many other umbrellas
sews the first stitch
of many birds feathers
the quickening of your intent
as hearts come to understand
the unfolding is ours to make
man, woman, child and land

missing the smell of your body
and the touch of your hand
your eyes in mine
as our sights expand
it all expands...

Sunday, November 16, 2003

Chuck.E's in love
with his girlfriend
she's in love with him
and another girl
the other girl
is falling in love
with a girl
from another planet
who's returning to Venus
on the next full moon
and it's true
she loves Chuck.E's girlfriend
like the fortune-teller predicted
waiting until she's "free"
foolish as this may be
the oracle grinned
soon all shall see
the lovers card
in coalition with the fool
transforms the fires heat
into a cool water pool
love swims a little too deep

Chuck.E loves music
his girlfriend plays kazoo
saxophone, guitar and sings
she borrowed the other girls
fender strat
and busted all five strings
the girl from another planet
travelled twenty-four galaxies
has seen twenty-four times more stars
and after touching base
with her homeland venus
her next mission will be on mars
the girl Chuck.E's girlfriend
is in love with
the biggest headcase
ever to walk the earth
is also the mushiest shit
ever to be given birth
like the stolen
egyptian tarot card spread said
seasons may go by
the scorching sun
may suck the land dry
the lovers may cry why
why must so many foolishly die?

the other girl is I
Chuck.E is this guy
who lays with
my future wife
the girl from another planet
lives a secret agent life
as for this story
all of it's a lie
except that the girl
from another planet
is actually a swedish spy
I spy with my little eye
something that is.....

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

New posts for the imperial parasite hosts;

Let's talk with frank, shall we?
No welfare, no pay taxes, no u.i,
no credit, no debit, no photo i.d,
no bills in no name, no REAL job,
me no play the monopoly game.
Of course that's hardly true.
just go with me on this one...
What's that line, " spent my last cent
on the rent and now i'm penniless"
Get real milli.
O.K for real, this morning I felt like that
brokeloser he referred to me as
that drunk Saturd'nite.
I was too proud to tell my friend
I couldn't afford our coffee date.
I lost the backpack full of pennies
I was taking to cash in,
and I hadn't turned over pot
or c.d's in a dunes age.
Wearing a skinny frame
of shame and desperation
I walked smack into her arms
and it spun me right around
the corner and into twenty-bucks

poverties emotion sent me aimlessly
onto the streets and into
both my brother and sisters arms
loves sweet angel warm
knowing within lifes looking after me
rich with story and drunk on the lines
each step we've taken has brought us
to this time and place
where you meet a familiar face
old family just like the blood
into a single moment
we have spun
a complete circle.
I walk the backstreets,
after her cityscape holds me~
I trace my path back
to the place where I started from
with the jerks at Turks
I still didn't think it would come
I waited, smoked and waited some more
just as I was leaving I heard a
faint knock on the door....
twenty-bucks later, I'm missing
my bag full of pennies--
but when in ones arms
I'm counting my blessings

and I count the days til
min karlek leaves and returns
to her HOUME...
as we fill each moment
up with little lifetimes.

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