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Wednesday, December 31, 2003


there isn't a thief good enough to crack her safes code
nor any elder old enough to even know
a venus flytrap digesting a spell of words
love calls a wanderer home but then they take a wrong turn
tripping over a curtail and stumbling down flights of stairs
she says she doesn't want to be the next kinnie, megan or claire
if you love somebody set them free
on the last plane flight out of town
with clairification and megnification
and a rock star who rolled through sound
a lovesick heart twenty-nine strokes later
was hit with a virus, an unknown invader
and it ate her
beat her like a chronic masterbater
choking on chunks of reality bites
but the need to feed persists
like greens growing up through the sidewalk cracks
and the conception that comes with the jizz
no matter what death brings
life always has the wittiest comeback
like the ones you think of too late
a defense to any suprise attack
like the coulda', woulda', shoulda's
what may have been the undreampt dream
blinded by the glare of the sun
and seeing the unseen
falling onto the strings of my guitar
a note for you in the key of blue
a grain of sand for every star
you exit stage left as i miss my cue
moulding a sound sculpture
a fantasies bubble about to rupture
"when i find you in our dreams,
i will tell you what you mean to me..."
" I don't want to be a bird-dog
or a vulture in a tree
and if i want your love
i'll have to wait until you're free"
If you love somebody, Set her free ...
If she comes back, and if you love her still,
set her free again...
limbs breaking my fall
love returning my calls
this is the place where anything can
this is the space with boundless lands
suns burn, burst and fall
living inside the faces of all
sleeping dreams awakening to the day
choices unfolding always into all ways
swimming upon your seashore and sinking like a stone
homeless with a cats instinct
but not knowing my way back home
new twists on old limes
and an old chief editor
scrolling through lines
you picked my pocket stole the keys to unlock it
saving our secret for another day
loves like shit
ya' never know when you're gonna step in it
'cuz you were looking the other way
and rocks that curve with the winds that whirl
have shaped up the most beautiful girl in the world
unlike prince's and unlike kings and queens
she's from another planet
she exists in a fairytale dream
deeper than where the bottom feeders lie
as shallow as a queer eye for the straight guy
a burgular breaking into their own heart
doesn't remember how the stealing starts
but is positive to how it ends
with locked shields ourself as the enemy falls
and we become our own best friend
the way you strummed the chord struck like a sword
i wandered aimlessly, tried to run away
no matter what prisoner escaped
freedom always remained
however you paint the picture
the artists always in the mixture
all one of the same
a veteran in the game called life
death grows old and knows your name
thoughts that can't be bought or sold
as foretold
love will conquer & reign
when you know not where to go
in our woes let love be so
over and under again

Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Gods little manual for life & death
states homosexuality is a sin
laws that ban people from loving eachother suck boil venom
fans & worshippers of this ole book
would have you believe that queer love is not real love
you can find gods true straight children
floating above the multitudes
looking down all god knowingly at our sinner asses
wearing their jesus complexes and stinking of napolean
imagine the nerve to claim their god of love hates love
"God is love, homosexuality is love,
and so then by proxy, God is gay."
god made homosexuality because god loves variety
some of gods little do-gooders feel compelled
to control and/or judge how others love
perhaps it's because they are better, smarter, more beautiful
and know explicity, thanks to that handy dandy manual,
gods laws, truths and sacred covenants
as gay as satan hatred and self righteous idiocy
has many by the balls
the most common "I'm a good christian spiel" goes as follows
"God loves you, he just hates what you do"
god hates it when you make love to the same sex
it doesn't matter that it is consensual mutual orgasmic love
god hates it when you take it up the ass or lick pussy
god loves you but everyone else thinks you're a fucking asshole
love and let love

Thursday, December 04, 2003

"Who you know" is a myth. Knowing yourself is the key.
"Meeting the right person at the right time"
means less than being the right person all the time.
-Margret Cho

cho the know it all is the shit monkey!