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Thursday, April 29, 2004

Blog it all anyway.
the font's so fuckin' BIG
on this beast of a mugwamp!?
which reminds me of todays earworm
"don't wanna be your beast of burden"
...although yesterday we felt like one
who knows about tomorrow?
which is now
--checks the linear time--

spring fever at the D.O.G House was all that!
could there be more babes in one spot?
hot shouts out to:
jacob cino
lady driver
laurie bricker
monica lee
& the listening society

hangin' with the angel
talkin' of barkin' larkin'
names droppin' on the net
can be dangerous!
so fucking what?
my name is camillia
and your name is
mark, michael, the other michael,
rachel, mom, dad, sara(h), silly wretch, the kid
bhima, dima, random surfer babe, ray, john doe,
john henry, jane doe, deleina, chris, jenNIFFER,
auntie christ, granny, grandpa, claire,
carlin, katie, begat adam begat a virus begat bob,
and megan, charlie, star, luna moss, johnny
shankhini, L.A WEBB, kinnie, shite,
jason, melanie, camelia, sean, mandy,
sasha, keith, mamaguroove, bitchman, girlfriend,
I forget your name,
lisa, taunya,riteous babe, tinman, little freaky
sam, mooney, lori, laurie, laura, the lord, carnivore,
silly recreant and many more....

the fighter retreats to the studio
for full time training with the funk fu
up for a black belt this fall
studying multi-instruments (at once)
literally, like the see are avery,
trapkit, guitar or bass & singing
at the same time
gotsto bee more than ready
for the musical rites of passage
mo' better! kick ass
the lover returns home
to the heart of the matter
run on sentences seem like choppy incompletes
and dotted i's, crossed t's make up sloppy beats

wonderfully rich cheese
ends that never do
doing whatever you please
seeing beginnings through

the word spy moves slow
as templates are under construction
this is as personal as it's gonna get
getting closer and closer
to my secret fantasy~

Thursday, April 22, 2004

Very quickly, as time is of the essence.
Days with thick plots & characters.

1. Ani Difranco riteous babe unleashed...
received an east van care package that included my portfolio.
The first I've ever put out there.
After some healthy site-stalking I came within 1 degree
and was also gifted with a free ticket to the Queen E show!

2. I got into a scrappy bitch fight. No kidding...
and I kicked ass for the most part.
Gave more than I got and walked away with a smile,
and no blood of my own.
You may be shaking your head at this subtle boast--
but I'm a lover and a fighter----
and PROUD!

3. The next upcoming main event
is SPRING FEVER (and boy, do I have a bad case of it)
at Dans Organic Garage 1864 Triumph
this Saturday, April 24th at 9pm
Jacob Cino, Lady Driver, Laurie Bricker,
Monica Lee, Babette Santos & secret family recipe
will also be performing.

That's all for now folks!