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Tuesday, June 29, 2004


"Don't forget to fall in love."
A gypsy theif calls...
"I'm in love," she says,
"I'm through with stealing hearts!"
To love now and cry later.
Falling fast.
Is there a speed limit to love?
Quick to hide tears
Wiping them off on chipped shoulders.
He asks, "What's with you?
Somethings different."
Friends say I am looking
in and out of love.
...an effortless fall into
the touch of your eyes.
A smug smile
basking in ripe after smells--
sweet gypsy thief ~
you feel you have no friends
but you're noones friend
in between spaces and eyes
are looking like a trend
leaving trails of lovers
uttering under their breath
wishing upon falling stars
hoping to put to rest.........
She wants to be lost and not found.
Not a wallowing swallow inn
"a pool of regret"
witnessed and remembered
a waking dream you will not forget
Are you growing tired of the same
old love letters?
Smoking cheap cigarettes
on catshit ridden floors.
Wanting more than what you don't have,
but somebody cared to share with you...
even if you didn't deserve it --
because everybody does.
I am still here not waiting.
Everythings old and it's new.
Love leaves the empty room
Running into somebody else
so I don't have to be myself.
I asked for this and got that too.
It's all up to me and it comes down to you.
A sound to cure the lovesick.
Smokescreens to fill the masses mind.
~oldie moldy stories
a fungus of space and time.

None of this is true.

Cry all they want and need.
For the food that feeds
the rich and poor
aten 'til there is no more
like the secret life of plants
soaking in the suns ambience
just enough
to carry on

this song's 4 U 2
3 of a kind-- a haiku
in the key of blue

*i love you*

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

NoManBitchAmI & Dirty Thirty "A BlogMerge"


This site has a little variety
if you like to check out the "fun" side
or twisted treat of what Nancy R. and Hitler
used to run countries in their times.
Hmm, does that mean national commonalities
in times of great changes and despair?
SHUT UP! I'm messing with this....

Whatever. Flakes. Yeah, like my being, and what herbs
I "should" inGest are determined by those sparkly
O's in the skies; the stars.
As for DREAMS, this is the waking one.
In favour of the Canadian way of spelling,
freestyle and freeflow, here we go to
a multi-dimension
...with this in mind, like I just staTed to nomanbitch-
-fuck the content, we'll check it out later. Your turn.

Don't forget to break and save eh?
Wow! there's some content to the sight.
Nice pics. Poetry?
You're still talking, and distracting me from the content...
made ya laugh. My underlying comment above though,
was to reflect how 2 different countries in 2 eras
had similar influences. Nancy running USA via Ronnie
and his alzheimers,
and Hitler to Germany with his syphilous---
looking too far into the nether regions,
like alternate realities, to determine how to fuck peoples lives up.
Dirty Thirty said I'm Linkin' without thinkin'. So I am...maybe.

I've been seen as alot of things. Sweet antithesis, o evil twin,
black is the night
as light is to the day. Wince at the quickness
that takes us to this new thought. As a carnivore keeps track
of your every move, times the groove.
Click onto this!
to see if the hunter will catch you.
No more riddle, and no more RIME.
He taps the tobacco down the tube line.
What's next? Let's see. I'll go get nomanbitch,
break and take a pee.

Yes master I have learned well...as per breaks eh?
You're still talking, ha!
Made ya laugh again.
Binary or airy
Goddamn cat
is checking out the damn roof 1 floor below and next door
...Dirty Thirty is rerouting Freddy...
she has a playful way with the cats. Says she doesn't care,
but she sweats blood over their safety.
Fred's testing her limits...and winning.
Fun and comedy...real or digital.

L.O.L. Remember when you didn't know what that meant? L.O.L
Laughing out loud. Derailing trains off iron tracks.
Every surfer is gonna catch the wave a little different.
Each photographer is gonna snap
a unique angle to the same thing.
A hertz to note, another song to sing.
Everything I find is mine, it's ours if you care to share.
Please listen.

Ya, listen to and view THIS! Duel
I hadda laugh. Thanks Bro'.
This is the "Birds Nest" of KFC. It also is some more
blind selection. OOOOp, the cats need some wet food.

Sex, Rock n' Roll, and Politics.
I lean more towards the first two personally.
NoManBitch, a likely self proclamation,
ooops, it's 12:07, time to feed
Freddy, Shadow, and Wharf their wet food.
Still nobodys man bitch?! You be the cats bitch, bitch.
You son of a bitch--promoting KFC like that. Chow-meow on this!

DAMN! Pretty nice boobies on that last link....
I'll definitely look into that one with my lizard part of mind
and otherwise entertaining HotLics interests.
Lesseee,Evil Twin Twisted Opposite
Milk 'em baby! Jaws has some possible potential,
we'll see as we take time to read the silly stuff later.
The content is courtesy of a very entertaining merger date.
This ROCKS!!

Dear Amigo, and mergeblog editors...
please include an ' after nomanbitches ya's. Thank -you.
Anywho, campe'on de WB Blogger es dado a Mark Roberts
I love...
betchya thought I was gonna say YOU.
The search for truth, along with a decent blog.

Worf shut the hell up!!!!! Silly shit cat.
Ooop, Ooop! Dirty Thirty has a "Bzzz-on"! HA!
Silly woman!!
I truely love you too Camillia Frey. I'd marry you
if you weren't distracted you silly thing...
but the fact is you keep on about that pert nippled
Angelina Jolie damnit...
HEY ANGELINA she won't stop talking.
She also keeps puttin' out my cigarettes--
--arrgh, she calls 'em incense.
Aww well, wadda ya gonna complain about with a woman who knows how to make ya laugh and growl.
Can't heel, and can't complain...much being nobodysmanbitch, no I won't recap dammit.
Cheeky short hair thing!--PUSSY
What a woman. Inspiration, challenge, sexy, wet-dream.
The HoneyBee HoneyMoon Attire
If you go my way.

I go my way, your way and all ways always.
You can call me dirty thirty,
but my name is Camillia
I mean Camillia
Old fool, quit talking about Angelina~
When ya' FUCKIN' know I'm letting go of what's her face
and that other diamond light
deep in the inner maximum space of our city night
Your love is like a carnivore
hungry, angry, what else ends in G R Y?
no lie, there's an answer.
Ask and ye shall receive.
What next you ask?
This will last forever
with all of our hearts we will always be here and there
everywhere like that forever together bryan adams song
in heavy rotation on every radio station
EGO brainiacs-- where's you at? C'mon already ole fool.
You don't even read this sign on the road,
nah, me and you just carry on fifteen kilometers per hour
beyond the speed limit.
This fast cars going nowhere fast...
here where we are at
with the meowing cats
HOME @ long last

She was still talkin' and got pissed off for reminding her of it.
Made ya growl! Ha!
Ah well, hell I can't even draw the link for Ray Charles' "I'll Be Good To You".
But then, there's still the rendition of Quincy Jones' "100 Ways".

Spin it fool into pointer sisters fever
Whoa, give this one a blast.
At last this blogmerge bursts into hot pizza'a
and pochohontus's poems
still, the moment lasts lifetimes.
I love you too.

Thursday, June 03, 2004


Persephone loves pomegranate and mint.
A maiden sprouting seeds at springtime-
queen of the underworld for a half year stint.
Hymn to Demeter

Both Hamlet and Ophelia are stricken with a vague
recollection and kinship for one another,
but out of famalial loyalties
Ophelia restrains her love for Hamlet.
The flower of love spoils into forbidden passion
and loves true valentine murders the king.
Ophelia drowns herself in muddy waters--
with a pain too much to bare...
'And will he not come again?
And will he not come again?
No, no, he is dead,
Go to thy death-bed,
He never will come again.'
Ophelias love lives long past the grave
and beneath her songs of mad ramblings
lays a "veneer of calm"~
a voice speaking her own tragedy;
secret songs that sing of loves suppression.
Mindspeaking alone in her bed.
Death a symbol recognising the ghost of a love.
Internalized grief, and notes of despair
bring a liberating death.
Look into Ophelias mirror and see your own reflection.

Kali transcending all forms
creating and consuming all life and death.
The ground you walk upon and the tears you shed.
Which foot forward? Dakshina or Smashan?
Kali dances with Shiva
and the formless becomes absolute.
Time which devours all
will tear us apart and bring us together.
Have we come in the form of Kali,
Ophelia or Persephone?
Our stories relived out new...
The same characters
where you are me and I am you.

On the day of awakening Warriors of the Rainbow
recognise the great spirit and spread the word
through music, art and story.
Leaders will arise through action not word.
The eyes of the fire will see her grandchildren
rise up to their task of being a
Warrior of the Rainbow.
"a time where names and family connections are forgotten."
"And then what?"
When birds fall from the sky and fish die in the water
Shame will awaken and Onkwehonwe shall rise up...
There will be a rekindling of old flames
and the sacred fire will be lit again.
May the seventh generation remain strong in our quest.
Unified hearts for the greater cause of all.
May we awaken to the quickening bluestar.
Gathered from the North, East, South and West
a tribe of many colour awaken to the call of their heartbeat.
Take courage, fear not the scorched lands
and your own and fellowmans deceit...
embrace all hope in the darkest of hours--
for it is so,
and foretold all shall return home.

Ophelia still sings.
The dance of Kali approaches fast.
Persephone will be the sun again.
Old loves will be lost and new loves will be found~
I know you slept too well to remember,
but it's your dreams that tell your hearts surrender...
the stories in our sounds
we dance again oldest friend
the dawn star will send
the ends of our old dreams into
no beginnings to no ends, as all have co-existed
transforming from one form into another.
Secwepemc lover;
creator of our universe,
the old one looks over.
The coyote guides the crow to the flock
and young love grows up to be older.