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Friday, October 22, 2004

Another blogmerge...

I'm here with Xaliman,
Commissioner of Sonic Harmony
at Energy Discs Studio in Vancouver.
This will be my first internet interview
and Xalimans second.
So without further ado~

Give our viewers a readers digest version
of your "rock 'n roll" story up to date?

Becoming aware of what makes a rock roll, is a bigger answer than can be suspended as words on this screen. So I have been thinking about and exploring the fringes of musical possibilities and seeing if I can get away with calling the experience, rock.

The fringes of rock? Does that mean you step outside
the wheels of music and explore the unbeaten paths?
fringe:1.an ornamental border consisting of short threads
or strips hanging from an edge or band. 2.EDGE
3.something that is additional or secondary to an
activity,process or subject

I live outside the wheels of sonic patterns that dress up as songs and parade about as popular culture.

Name a pop-culture sonic pattern that turns your crank?

As an observer I would choose one of relative fame. One, relative to the neighbourhood and the dogma that runs the streets. It might it even be a composition that is just now being vibrated onto a recording medium.

What are we listening to on the stereo right now?

Terja Rypdal, his album called Works.

What current sound vibrations are cooking in your kitchen?

Melodic Energy Commission is the current project. It's an entire research and development organization packaging sound patterns onto CD, that we found in various galaxies. The newest CD is titled, "Time... is a slippery concept." I think it's fairly potent and may cause slight disorientation of the linear social perceptional illusion of time.

Timebenders...WHEN'S the cd release?
How long did it take to make?
If this is the newest, what's the oldest? How is, time a slippery concept?

I was skiing down this slope after our first 2 albums in the eighties. My musical ideas seemed like quadrupal backward flips that moved so fast and through so many musical moods that one day I decided to create a patchwork of these
recordings of various songs and jams. Each was a composition of it's own style. It took a fair share of hours to weave custom sound textures and patterns between and within the works. The patches don't tie sequential segments, but rather, like celtic knotwork, twist the perceptions into acceptance of freeform soundscapes.

Do I like pickles?


So, you're the sonic commissioner, and a musician-
what else makes you so fucking special that I
would want to interview you?

I just bribed you with a bowl of multi-grained flakes. You're too easy to influence.

Too much rice milk and not enough cereal by the way.
Do you have any musical accomplishments you would like
to brag about? Maybe even namedrop or something?

I would like to mention Kathara for inviting me to their stages as a percussionist. I've always been a singer or keyboardist or bassist but finally I got to stand on stages as a gong and tribal drum player. It was refreshing and maybe my next instrument will be the aolian harp.

What's your drug of choice and what are you on now?

I'm vibrating at the frequencies of this alcove. I am addicted to all things and my usage frequency varies apon which one, be it, air, food or bud,creates a favourable effect in the now, it is influenced heavily by my past consumption of time and it's influence on this moment is an after effect. I ate it all and breathed out this scenery. Is that a soggy flake stuck to the wall?

Why do you think pop culture is the way it is?

How would you feel if your music became "popular"?

I wouldn't be surprised if it did become popular and a huge wave of change swept around the universe all because of me doing something in a way that hasn't been done quite that way before. At least in the scope of popular human memory. Popular is also quickly assimilated, mimicked, and before I become a pop icon my ideas might well be digested by the masses and I'll be able to watch look-alikes on every channel of the TV tube influenced by me, a poser and beholder of deep wisdoms regarding sound over matter philosophies.

tv babies, ross and rachel hairstyles everywhere, forcefed consumerism~

How would you save the world?

I'd feed them multi-grained flakes with less ricemilk!

Xaliman and I have been sharing time co-producing
my first album which will be ready to eat December 1rst, 2004.