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Wednesday, September 28, 2005


The lives that movies, songs, and paintings are made of...
Let's start off with todays headliners~
David, Randy & Mike (ie; Dutch and RG Bigboar)
were canned from the site because of our unscheduled shooting
of the Drive-By scene 'Under New Mang'ment'.
Apparently "S.O" knew the day we did it.
I suppose it could've been worse,
considering the authentic looking winchestors and all.
Man! Terminated because of our documovie.
I'm in small shock. But the oppurtunivore in me
takes over and reminds the director to document.
So, we will. We'll document the many ways
and what it took to for 'Drive-By' to be done.
The makings of...
David, Dutch and RG Bigboar had 44 reasons to and not to--
They put their asses on the line for rock'n roll-
You rock, we salute you!
Good Luck Under New Mang'ment cowboys!

We are all excited because we've had our second
band confirmation from a group called ALL PURPOSE
Our first oral confirmation was made by East vans
beatboxin' harpdog C.R AVERY
~with many more in mind and spirit...
Continuing to preserve the drive culture,
we captured some scenes from Emma Sebastians
burlesque show at The Waldorf, 'Naughty Bits'
Thanks to all the fabulous talent.
A special thanks to the cutest band in Vancouver, 'Vancougar'.
Yes you are on our hit list.
Watch out for the Drive-Bys, because you never know
out of what nook or cranny, or around what corner
we will driveby next!

The studio is upside down with Kali, as we incorperate
new "family members": we have more gear than
we know what to do with, and this is a good thang.
This biz is all consuming like her music.
I show up to parties with a brief or folder,
geez, what kind of nerd am I becoming?

She lights her third coffin nail.
I told ya' not to phone me.
So whaddya' do? Ya' show up on my doorstep,
crying to take you back, and I do...
I buy another pack and let the smoke roll
down my throat like the breath of our first kiss.
Love yet to be made,
but making it all the time.
Another pouch of drum.

In memory of Kenny Dobson...

Sunday, September 11, 2005


M.I.A and Supa bizee started bedmating.
Some thought she walked off the end of the earth.
Nestled in the bedtracks their
dreams kept coming true.
I haven't seen my roomate for weeks.
All shacked up at the studio
engulfed by film and music.
It's been sooooooooooooooooooo busy,
and I'm absolutely lovin' it.


Three scenes have been shot for an
East Vancouver rockumentary called
The site is under construction
Still in it's infant stages
I've managed to beg, borrow and steal
enough moula to kick it off.
I have yet to officially book all the artists,
but am working on a "dream list".
Moi co-conspirator Xaliman
runs a beautifully competent studio
called Energy Discs.
We have been blessed with a plether
of new gear thanks to Michel,
and a ghetto humanitarian budget
thanks to Mr.David!
With M.Louws, Hernandezs, Candyvisions
and Don Mierneckis confirmed--
the alchemy thickens and churns...
Nows time to include more east van homies.
What have I gotten myself into!?
My mouth is dry from accounting.
My ears ring from the undying calls,
and meez dogs are barkin'. Phewee.

Stop, swallow, and feel it
roll in your tiny ponch-belly.
Enjoy the nutrients as they
fill up your soul and body.


Feeling it in my bones,
lastnite I bid thee a farewell
to many things~
I had one cigarette to celebrate,
and five today.
Although she's nasty,
she's a tough girlfriend to break up with.
But loves well worth it.


Aah, the album some ask.
Yes it's coming.
There are tracks and scratches for every song
except my two newly borns.
The past couple weeks I've been in the kitchen
cooking up some new recipes.
I'm full of happy flutterbied bellies.
Sweet inspiration~
Realistically, which is a big word for me
it'll be finished near the end of the year.


The baby crow fell from the tree.
I'm not sure if crow was drunk on berries
or the cat spooked "him".
Crow was hurt bad and couldn't move.
He tried taking flight a few times
but only hurt himself more.
I shewed and hissed the curious cat away,
and then laid down beside my friend.
He was still as his blue black eyes
gazed into mine. I began to oum,
and softly sing. He was quiet for a few minutes
but then he thought he'd try again for the skies.
I reminded him not to struggle, rather relax,
and just let it go..
with two more strokes of his wings
crows spirit took flight...
and then his body was still,
and now rests with the roots of the tree.


lo cuervo dicho ssh!
sus pesado cuando vuestro
corazo boca asi gigante
un flammeche chez dans lanterne
lente brule dos dans un feu
lequel duree j' boire davantage arrosez
tel que su va
moi trouvaille sois loisirs


Beyond these words walls lives a rich woman
~Truly blessed~
Michael says I'm too cryptic
I say, why know when you can guess?
Why pretend to make sense
of a multiversal life
that is truly stranger than fiction...