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Monday, October 31, 2005

Listen to a sneak preview off the album.
It's the second eldest song member in the upcoming c.d.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

One of the greatest aphrodisiacs is mystery.

Churning flavours in melting pots,
anticipating the taste of the rue.
The essence engulfing your nose before it fills your mouth.
Licking your lips before your teeth sink into her bones.
Sipping a spoonful of you.

Living a human race to the finish line.
Setting a new record time...
first, second, third and last place.
Some see death coming,
face it on or turn around running.

Or death the unexpected guest;
an unscheduled page in your daytimer.

She wears more than one heart on her sleeve,
and believes in everything.
She is by far the most delicate creature I have ever seen.

Days have a way of turning into years.
Seasons grow a body of ocean between us.
Friends dear become nearly strangers.
And we are all still here not waiting....

In a room full of nostalgia
he listens to her music on repeat.
He has memorized every line he can understand.
Words burnt under the sun cool down in a Jeff Buckley shade.
He polishes his mojo-pin,
and digs up his own grave.

Laying diagonally in the bed as the sounds of
Phish with no eyes stare back through the bowl.
The cat kerfuffles, feels indignant and then grooms.
The grandfather clock strikes seven and a half times.

He changes the song to the chapters within me.
With stoic flexibility she sees~

A rotating ball of beautiful madness.
As strange and stranger than any strange time.
-like the ghostdance that enchants us
-like the poetry in a line
a line of coke
the line you crossed
He knows at least three that will pick you up.
Or that piss poor one you tried to pass on your boss.
A line for every circle,
or the one you'll never draw.

Align the spine
and bet your backbone
that her heart will drop when she calls.