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Friday, January 20, 2006

content churns complacency
the body language between them casted doubt
thought there was a chance out
thoughts drifted between the miles
thought i heard you think of me
thinking too much
finishing wood & walls
links to friends names
long-distance psychic calls to france
romance; a shy friend
complacent and holding down a couch
the insedious ritual t.v engulfs a world
as a little girl i stole money for candy
ask me why over a joint & brandy
raising the stakes thirty seven stories high
stop coming around asking why
pay your debts
show intention
bite the bullet
the best cure for sickness is prevention
a musical monkey making a camillion dollars change colour
Out runnin'er blingillion platinum gold rimmed diamond plated hummer
billies faded old blue jeans
frayed & stained leg seams
dream magical monkies awake from the machine
it's not the music kids
it's your money that makes a world go around
& around & around & around...
poverty justifying your shoe thang'
under the thumb of the limelight
too cool to wear a sneaker twice
do you even want us to walk a mile in your rhinestone shoes?
does anybody use them after you?
whoa, that's quite the bruise!
words creating
let your "riches" grow into "wealth"
just do it already
everything else will follow

Friday, January 13, 2006

My family loves to eat, and it shows. You could say I'm the runt.
Still weighing in at 115 pounds--four Christmas dinners later...
Johns been buying a pound of the shit every morning.
Needless to say, catching up on Jim Ungers 'Herman'.
It doesn't take long for nostalgia to visit.
Warm beers with mama-chan and cold coca-colas with papa.
Little sisters reinventing themselves and going back to school.
So hungry, the smell draws out the drool.
Daydreaming about X-mas leftovers; and a dinner date with a lamb.
My Auntys name is Social. She makes exceptions from time to time.
If theres a line her husband will cross its t's, and dot the i's.
Grannys slipping, she forgot to bless the third dinner.
Grandpa was stompin' his foot and fiddlin'--just givin' er!
Old cousins, BIG cousins, fresh out of the oven cousins.
Bringing good loving back from the north.